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Selected Publications & Awards

Selected Publications of Poetry:


The Afflicted Girls (2016)
Sleeping with a Famous Poet, C.W. Books (2007)
Bad Judgment, Sarabande Books (1999)
Lessons in Space, University Press of Florida (1997)


Death Poems, Premier Poets (2005)
Another Kind of Beauty, The Ohio Review (1995)
My Summer as a Bride, Riverstone Press (1995)

In Anthologies:

"I Don't Want to Read a Poem about Baseball": Sh!t Men Say to Me: a Poetry Anthology in Response to Toxic Masculinity" (2021)

"Chapel of Forgiveness": Choice Words: Writers on Abortion (2020)

"Mother Hood": Undead: a Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts, and More (2018)

"Exam Room," "At Dusk": Dark Ink: A Poetry Anthology Inspired by Horror (2018)

"Bad Girl Attitude": Nasty Women Poets: an Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse (2017)
"Flower-Eating Season": Unmasked: Women Write About Sex and Intimacy After Fifty (2017)
"Temp": Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace (2015)
“In Praise of my Young Husband”: 180 More: Extraordinary Poems for Every Day (2005)
“Companionate Marriage”: Poetic Voices Without Borders (2005)
“Like”: Poetry Daily: 366 Poems from the World’s Most Popular Poetry Site (2003)
“Bad Judgment”: The Pushcart Prize 2001 XXV (2001)
“The Woman Who Loved Things”: The Best American Poetry 1995

In Periodicals:


"TV Baby": Redactions:Poetry & Poetics (forthcoming)

"They": Women's Studies Quarterly (forthcoming)

"Got My Mindfulness Meditation On": New York Quarterly (forthcoming)

"Girl Genius": Mom Egg Review (2022)

"Where's the Butter?": Gyroscope (2020)

"No Animals Have Died for this Poem": Plume (2018)

"The Burden of Fruit": Gold Man Review (2018)

"Pet of the Week": Plume (2017)
"Standard Candles": The Petite Hound (2016)
"Thirteen Ways to Love an Iguana": Posit (2015)
"The Delicate Tyranny of Hairdressers": Mezzo Cammin (2014)
"Learning Extension": Drunken Boat (2014)
"Old Love": Upstart: a Journal of English Renaissance Studies (2014)
"The Last Virgin": The Cincinnati Review (2013)
"INDEX": The Ocean State Review (2013)
"Florida": Plume (2013)
“Natural Light”: roger (2011)
“The Problem with Nature”: Cimarron Review (2011)
“Putting the Dead to Bed,” “Dream Teaching”: The Wisconsin Review (2010)
“The Princess Bride”: The Louisville Review (2009)
"My Wife, Destroyer of Dreams": The Southampton Review (2009)
"Death's Daughter": Redivider (2009)
"Ocean State": Green Mountains Review (2009)
"Pirating": TriQuarterly (2007)
"Hypothetical Question": The Southern Review (2007)
"Bad Girl Attitude": The Cimarron Review (2006)
“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman,” “Fox-Wife”: Pool (2005)
“Death Goes Mad”: www.threecandles.org (2005)
“Confession to the Moon”: 88 (2004)
“Black Arts,” “Jeanne d’Arc”: Prairie Schooner (2004)
“Mary Lamb,” “Why Do Men Love Lesbians?”: The Paris Review (2004)
“Fairy Tale”: The Literary Review (2004)
“Soap Opera Update”: Green Mountains Review (2003)
“The Afflicted Girls”: The Women’s Review of Books (2003)
“Liar”: PMS (2003)
“Stunner,” Suicide’s Daughter”: Hotel Amerika (2003)
“Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum,” “Miss Bishop Has Left the Classroom”: Green Mountains Review (2002)
“’The Misses Bronte’s Establishment for The Board and Education of a Limited Number of Young Ladies’”: Michigan Quarterly Review (2002)
“Listening to my Mother in the Alzheimer’s Wing”: Poetry (2001)
“Death Takes a Nap,” “Midlife,” “Small Red Dog”: Poetry Northwest (2001)
“Woman Without Children”: Poetry International (2001)
“Mata Hari”: North Dakota Quarterly (2001)
“Body Modifications”: The Southern Review (2001)
“Jayne Mansfield and Isadora Duncan,” “Mrs. Fitzgerald”: (Green Mountains Review (2000 - 2001)
“Listening to the Voices of Medieval Sainted Ladies”: A Fine Excess: Fifty Years of the Beloit Poetry Journal (reprinted 2000 - 2001)
“Phone Call from High School”: Western Humanities Review (2000)
“Frida Kahlo”: Poet Lore (2000)
“Lover of the Golden Lotus”: The Chattahoochee Review (2000)
“Like,” “Stepmother”: Poetry Northwest (2000)
“Motherhood,” “Body Image”: Literature and Psychology (1999)
“Nightingale”: The Carolina Quarterly (1999)
“Dorothy Wordsworth,” “Mary of Nazareth,” “The Wild Girl of Champagne”: Crazyhorse (1999)
“When Forever Began”: Ms. (reprinted 1999)
“Listening to the Voices of Medieval Sainted Ladies”: The Beloit Poetry Journal (1998)
“The Children of the Poor”: American Literary Review (1998)
“Lilith”: Southwest Review (1998)
“Effie Ruskin, 1849”: Chelsea (1997)
“Dead Debutante,” “My Dead Boyfriend,” “Bad Judgment”: Poetry Northwest (1997)
“Summer Solstice, North Georgia”: The Antioch Review (1996)
“Silent Men”: The Hudson Review (1996)
“In the Beginning is the End,” “The Writer Offers Another His Key”: Seneca Review (1996)
“Being Saved”: Gulf Coast (1996)
“Blackberry,” “Dark Water”: Western Humanities Review (1995)
“A Lady with a Pomeranian,” “My Summer as a Bride”: Poetry Northwest (1995)
“Living with Monkeys”: Ploughshares (1995)
“The Wonderfully Yellow Umbrella”: The Ohio Review (1995)
“Trinity”: TriQuarterly (1994/1995)
“Dream Babies,” “Erasing the Music Box”: Feminist Studies (1994)
“In Praise of my Young Husband”: The Paris Review (1994)
“The Apple Way”: The American Voice (1994)
“The Woman Who Loved Things”: Harvard Review (1994)
“Schoolyard”: The Nation (1992)

Selected Publications of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction:


The Ten Worst Human Fears, Rooster Hill Press (2012)

In Anthologies:

"When Death Took a Holiday": Nothing to Declare: the Flash Sequence, White Pine Press (2016)
"The Star of the North": The Female Complaint, Shade Mountain Press (2016)

In Periodicals:

"Smile": Los Angeles Review (2022)

"Out of Houston": Lunch Ticket (2017)

"Man Loves Woman Loves Dog" Fiction Fix (2014)

"How to Be a Wife": The Healing Muse (2013)
"Now That I Have Found You at Last": Burrow Press Review (2013)
"Appropriation": Compose (2013)
"Smith Hill": Lunch Ticket (2013)
"Pie Eating, Sunday Night": Sleet Magazine (2013)
"Forget the Men: Pick a Guy": Modern Love, The New York Times (2009)
"Dogs Are Good": Barrelhouse (2008)
"What the Indians Do": Fiction (2006)
"The Seafarer": Feminist Studies (2006)
“My Argentine”: Fiction (2004)
“Greece”: The Southern Review (2003)
“The Museum of Tragedy”: Feminist Studies (2003)
“A Blue Afternoon”: Night Train (2002)
“Modifications”: Fiction (2001)

Honors Include:

Vernice Quebodeaux "Pathways" Prize for Women, Little Red Tree Publishing (2016)
Mary Tucker Thorp Professorship, Rhode Island College (2001-2002)
Pushcart Prize for “Bad Judgment” (2001)
Sheila Motton Book Prize, for Bad Judgment, New England Poetry Club (2000)
Bullis-Kizer Prize, Poetry Northwest (1998)
Macleod-Grobe Prize, Poetry Northwest (1996)
Rhode Island Council for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship Grant (1995)
Gordon Barber Memorial Award, The Poetry Society of America (1994)
The Nation “Discovery” Prize (1991)