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Pet of the Week

Oh, Salsa, I too
am “weary of men and strangers.”
We’re sisters of the hind and heart on this.
Must men always be . . . men? Voices
as sure as trees, mitts shall we say not soft
to sensitive muzzles, and their obsessive need
to teach tricks. I’ve had enough
of tricks, haven’t you? Strangers too:
the odd shoes, tilted hats, how they never know
which way they’re going. Let them
ride away on Hitchcock’s trains,
recede into smoke and black and white
while I rely on knowing what I know.
As to cats, you do NOT like them.
Point taken. I may admire a kitten,
but as to cats: I can live without them.
So why live with one?
Love to Nacho. I hope
you both find the right home.
Myself as well. I also am sweet
when someone gets to know me.

first published in Plume